Thursday, 26 December 2013

Week 26 - 28: A Bit Of A Cop-Out

It's Christmas time and I decided I'd make all my presents and my social life has started existing again! This, however, meant there was little or no time for me to keep up with the blog!

I had scribbled down some notes to stop me forgetting but, as I didn't want to bore you with vague drivel, I thought I'd just mention some things that have happened over the last few weeks:

1. I was signed off on two more blocks! Focus, pack skating & pace line and 20 in 5!!! Yeah! That's right! I bloody well did it! 20 and a half!!!

2. Me and one of my wives came up with an intriguing trick to do t-stops. We were skating round talking to each other and I found that I was doing some of the best t-stops I had ever done. I realised that not only was it because I was thinking about it too much but also because she was on my right hand side which meant I was already turned to talk to her, so getting my foot behind me wasn't as tricky! It's not very practical as it's very unlikely you'll be talking to someone when you need to t-stop, but it really does help when practicing.

3. I NSOd at the Heartlands final! I was a line-up tracker and a line-up tracker assistant! It was so much fun and I even got a certificate and a patch for NSOing. :)

4. I had a go at Head NSOing. This is where you take charge of all the NSOs, make sure they have the right paperwork, the right equipment, that they know what they're doing, etc. It was terrifying but I absolutely loved it! I even got a bunch of flowers from the team to say thank you. :)

And now it's Boxing Day and I have a horrible cold so my brain is a little frazzled. I do apologise for my lack of writing these last few weeks and, as of the New Year (my next skating practice is the 6th January) I shall write a post every Tuesday (hopefully!)

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