Sunday, 30 June 2013

Week 4: Skate It Off

After last week's fall and irritating it again later on in the week, I was still in pain. My coccyx still ached and my nerves still twinged. I was really nervous this week and terrified of falling but I took a painkiller and strapped on my skates.

I was very shaky, but I knew I'd be. I'd had a pretty bad fall and my body did not want it to happen again! It doesn't help that I was still pretty tense and, even after my painkiller, I was still in pain. I did a steady warm up this time. Not getting too cocky and still holding onto the rail until I felt comfortable enough to let go. Every time I got to the bit where I fell over I felt a flash of fear and became over careful. I did get more confident, though. I stayed near the rail but didn't hold on and skated slowly but surely.

We stretched and then started practising falls. As soon as I did my first one knee fall, the pain all came back. My coccyx was now throbbing and it felt just as bad as before but I wasn't going to let it stop me! Last week, I was told "Falling over is just like falling off a horse when you learn to ride, you've got to do it a few times before you get used to it." Unfortunately, I fell off a horse, broke & dislocated my elbow at the same time and never rode again, so that snippet of advice was not well recieved. However, this time I appreciated it. It was true, I just had to get used to it and to learn that it's nothing to be afraid of. So I decided to skate through the pain.

Fall after fall, my coccyx was still killing me, but I pushed on through. (I'm such a trooper! Haha!) By the end of the session the pain was gone. I'd skated through it and it ended up helping. I now knew that it wasn't so scary afterall!

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