Saturday, 1 February 2014

Week 32: Fun & Games

So, unfortunately, there wasn't really any progress for this rookie skater this week. There may have even been some regression. But instead of moping about or getting angry (okay, I may have got a little frustrated), I ended up having a really fun training session!

After all the squats for warm ups again (gotta love those squats!) we were told that this week was 2 weeks away from sign-offs! Eeek! That made it the last week where we focused on a specific block which meant weaving, pace line, pack work, and focus.

Now, I've been signed off on weaving but today didn't help to prove that! I have no idea what's happened but the ability to weave seems to have been completely lost. Every time I went to go round those cones, I was terrified. I've always been scared of weaving. I think it's because I seem to put my weight on my heel when I turn so that makes me feel like I'm going to fall over. This then makes me even more scared because I don't want to end up impaling myself on a cone! I know that I can do it but I just can't! Maybe I put my trucks too tight when I changed my cushions? Oh, who knows?! I just know it's really I'm going to move on!
So, next was focus, which went really well. No more falling over when looking backwards! Pace line went well and pack-work was good fun although my favourite line seemed to be "pack is long!" As someone said, being able to plough stop might have been useful for control! Damn those pesky plough stops!
I love working in packs or pace-lines, as you get to to work in a team and that's what roller derby is all about. You get to use the skills you've learnt individually, in a group situation. You learn how each person skates, how they react, and you start to work in sync. Our coach said that when most people start working in packs it makes them go "This is it! This is the reason I'm here" and that it absolutely true!

At the end of the session, my wife ended up starting an impromptu game of tag during the cool down skate. It was actually really fun and it kind of took your mind of skating. So I could skate super fast round the track, without being scared of falling or slipping, and without the pressures of being under assessment. It was an excellent way to end the evening, even if it wasn't much of a cool-down!

So not much to report this week, just lots of fun! But, hey, Roller Derby is fun!

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