Saturday, 2 November 2013

My 3rd NSO Role: Score Tracking

This week was NSOing with a twist! It was Halloween! So I got to paint my face, tear up an NSO t-shirt, scribble NSO on the back and still get taken seriously! Plus, even more exciting, I was taught a new role - Score Tracking.

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You seem to find that once you've learnt a role or two, that's all you ever do. It makes sense because I've done it before so, therefore, I'm less likely to screw up and won't need anyone to watch over me and help me. But I want to learn every role and this can get a little frustrating so when I was put down for a role I'd never done before, I was over the moon!

If you know me, you'll know I talk with my hands a lot and am quite animated which meant that score tracking was perfect for me! You get to watch the game (although, don't get too absorbed and forget to watch your ref), not fill out too much paperwork, mirror your refs hand signals and do some mental arithmatic! Amazing! (Yes, I like maths.)

Oooo! But let me quickly explain score tracking. Basically, each Jammer Ref has a score tracker who follows them. You each wear a coloured wristband relating to the team your tracking so when you mirror the hand signals, you know you're signalling to the right person. After every pass the jammer makes, the ref will signal the number of points the jammer has scored, you mirror this number and wait until the ref has confirmed you've got it correct and then you make a note of it. At the end of the jam, you total the points for that jam and also keep a running total for the whole bout. You also work with the scoreboard operator who relies on you to make sure they're showing the right scores! There's other little niggly bits like ticking a box if your jammer becomes lead, if they call it off, if they lose lead jammer status, etc. but the score tracking is the main bit.

I really enjoyed it. I may have even enjoyed it more than penalty timing. It might even be my new favourite's a close call! I just hope I get to score track again in the near future.

The whole night was really enjoyable and, as it was a mixed scrim, skaters from all over the country turned up so I got to meet a lot of lovely people, too. We then ate cookies and went to the pub. The way all good scrimmages and bouts should end!

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