Saturday, 6 July 2013

My Name & Number!

You may have noticed, the Roller Derby Skaters tend to have awesome names. Most are puns based on the skater's name and something violent or skating related. To see the list of all registered names visit Two Evils.

Ever since I saw my first ever Roller Derby game, I wondered what my skater name would be. I'd been through a few, most of them terrible, until one day, I was bought an album for my birthday. This album was Hugh Laurie's new album - Didn't It Rain. It's an amazing mix of blues and jazz and I loved it! Then it struck me! My favourite song would be a perfect Derby name - Wild Honey!

Now I had to decide on a number. I originally wanted 9 3/4 but decided that, as my name had no Harry Potter references, it didn't really work. So I decided on 18. It's one of my favourite numbers and it happens to be the day of my birthday.

However, when I was at my last NSO game, I started to look at everyone elses numbers and it suddenly came to me! I had completely over looked a very obvious number. A number relating to one of my all-time bands, Blink-182.

So, that's it. It's been decided and I am getting my t-shirt printed. I am:

Wild Honey

 (I just need to get permission from  lady in the USA who is "Wlyde Honey" before I can register it on Two Evils. But I can still use this name in my team!)

And for now, here's the song that inspired my name:

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